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Get creative with planters

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

There are lots of different containers which make ideal planters, you don't have to go as large as this old ships chest. Just provide plenty of drainage holes and a free draining compost.

Now is the time to start thinking about Autumn and Winter displays so that they can become established before the bad weather.

This old tin trunk is a good size for a planter. A useful size 24" long 14 wide 15 tall £25

A very strong wooden ammunition style box which could be painted in your choice of colour, perhaps to match the front door. 21" long 15 wide and 10 high. I have 2 available one has been drilled to use as a planter £22 each or both for £40

A strong wicker basket 18.5" across 16.5 tall. Line with plastic and coat with exterior varnish to make a stylish planter. £20

A very well made solid wooden box which could be used as a planter. 22.5" long, 13.5 wide, 9 deep Just paint to match your decor £15

These ideas provide a large planting area and are so much cheaper than the equivalent size pots and provide something a bit different.

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