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Ideas for winter containers

There are lots of different containers you can use to create attractive displays for the patio or the front of the house. I like to use wooden boxes painted with black paint which sets off the arrangement. Make sure you put drainage holes in the bottom and line with something such as an old compost bag - put plenty of grit in the potting mix to ensure good drainage. Here I have used small conifers, heucheras, heathers and phormium which should provide colour all winter and then can either be potted on or put in the garden.

Although this terracotta pot looks a bit empty at the moment with just a conifer, the front is planted with tete a tete daffodils and will look gorgeous come spring.

When it comes to hanging baskets there is not a huge choice of material.

I have planted this basket with 5 heucheras which should last well throughout the winter and again can be either planted in the garden or put into another container in the spring. I have a few of these for sale at £20

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