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Looking good in the garden in June

I wanted to share photos of some of the plants that are looking good in my garden at the moment. I hope you enjoy looking at them.

This amazing geranium is 6 feet tall and has been outside for 2 years, surviving 2 winters. It just flowers like mad with no attention apart from watering, I have had to trim it a couple of times as it was covering the vent.

This year is the first time my Phormium has flowered and the flowers are so intricate on close examination.

Indigofera is an unusual and quite hard to find bush, the tiny sweet pea like flowers are just covering it at the moment, it obviously likes the position it is in. I had a couple for sale but they went very quickly - keep an eye on the website for plants for sale.

I just had to take a picture of this gorgeous climbing rose flower which is set off well against the dark colour of the continus.

Until recently I used to put my alstroemerias under cover for the winter but they do better in the open ground. The colour of this one, Indian Summer is just lovely against the dark foliage and they keep really well in a vase. Just remember do not cut them but pull the stems out.

Hostas have done well this year and I have been spraying them in the evening with a home made garlic spray which does seem to have kept some of the slugs and snails away.

Eryngium just starting to show some colour, I love these plants and plan to dry a few for use in dried flowers arrangements together with the dried heads from these poppies.

I moved this Crinodendron last year and it

seems to like the location, lots of lanterns

Gorgeous tall dark blue delphinium which has not been damaged by the strong wind we have had recently. Finally a June garden would not be complete without a picture of a rose.

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