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Succulent care in winter

Although we are having an exceptionally mild and warm September you should be planning ahead in terms of housing your succulents when the weather turns chilly and wet - they will not tolerate freezing conditions and being constantly water logged. Getting organised now will hopefully reduce any losses.

Place them on trays or saucers in the house in plenty of light and cool conditions if possible, not above a radiator or near a fire. Try to source unusual containers and pots that will look attractive in the house.

Alternatively, a greenhouse or conservatory would work well but if unheated you will need to cover them with horticultural fleece when the temperature drops below 5C. Overwatering is the main enemy of succulents, let them dry out completely and then give a good soaking, this replicates their natural habitat. You can usually tell when they are dry by the weight of the pot.

Many larger succulents can be put in a pretty ceramic pot and used as house plants.

Crassulas generally like morning sun and the rest of the day in shade, this one has been on a north facing window sill for 3 years and as you can see it is thriving.

Variegated Aeoniums make lovely bright house plants.

SEMPERVIVUMS are another story and are really quite hardy so can be left outside, if you can provide shelter from constant wet it will help.

All of these items are available to buy on the website with some being 'one-offs'.

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