2 baskets 14" across and ornate metal brackets. £10


Terracotta drainage pipes, ideal for plants or these larger ones would hold a wine bottle. 9.5cm across 30 high The smaller ones shown are £3 each for perfect ones and £2 for ones with a couple of chips £18


A galvanised feed trough which would make an excellent planter. Unusually long at 5 ft. £35


A large hay rack 92cm long, 58 wide and 77 tall. Good vintage condition no damage to the joints. As well as a horse feeder could be used as a planter or for growing strawberries?? £60


Cast iron 30cm parasol stand with no rust to the screw £15


A vintage rustic wrought iron basket which is really stunning and unusual. Rare find and a beautiful addition to the garden. 36 cm across 51 tall. £55


These galvanised buckets make great planters - just put some holes in the bottom with a nail 31cm across 25 tall. See www.4homeandgarden.org for my other items. £15


Matching galvanised buckets, an ideal size to use as planters. 26cm across 23 tall £22

20210419_161434 (1)

A good size galvanised bucket ideal for a planter 32cm across 26 high £20


A variety of succulents for sale in various containers priced between £5 and £20 pounds


Echeveria about to flower and 4 sempervivums in a terracotta planter. Great value for 5 plants and the pot. £10


A planter which is 23cm across planted with 9 sempervivums, can go outside £18


A cream footed terracotta bonsai pot 25cm across planted with ECHEVERIA, POLKA DOT PLANT AND CRASSULA MARGINATA. £20


his container has a confier, 2 painted heathers and 2 primula denticulata (drumstick primula) They are just starting to flower now They are hardy and can be planted in the garden and will produce offsets which can be grown on to give more plants. £15


A large pot planted with 4 painted heathers and a conifer. The pot is 48 cm across 26 high £25

20210210_113533 (1)

A vintage garden rake with riveted tines, 11" across, the handle which is in very good condition is 62" long. The wood is smooth due to years of use. A useful tool or decorative piece. £20


A rare triangular hoe by C T Skelton of Sheffield, part of the name can just be read on the head. Skelton started busines in Sheffield in 1880 and then merged with Brades in 1962 so that would make the age of this hoe certainly before 1962 possibly as early as 1880?? Overall length 145cm, blade side length 16cm. £28

20210201_093940 (1) (1)

Natural slate and terracotta plaques £8 each. Lovely rustic addition to the garden or indoors.


An evergreen plant with small flowers in Spring. Hardy but would benefit from staying in the pot until the weather is better. It has a bushy upright habit height of around 120cm and width of around 60cms at maturity. The best thing about Nandina Twilight is the foliage. Pot height 8" £12


Steel boat ladder 123cm high 29 across. £10


A vintage scythe in good condition, replacement blade has had little use and measures 27". Overall handle length 62" £38


An insulated digging fork by Bulldog with 1000v protection, little used. 103cm long. £28