A moss green glazed plant pot planted with a healthy hosta. £10


An old cobblers last painted in green which is a nice change from the usual black £10


A pair of candle holders together with canal style hand painted horseshoes. Great decorative items. £18 each or both for £30


A stunning green painted bread bin which apart from the intended purpose would make a great planter or storage item. 12" across 10 tall £20


A useful size vintage tin trunk - logs, storage or a planter. 24" long 14 wide 15 tall £25


An unusual gorgeous plant pot holder with ducks on one side and water lilies on the other 13.5 " long 7 tall £20


A pretty French egg holder reborn with 6 different baby succulents. Ideal for the kitchen window sill. £12


Various succulents and sempervivums in attractive pots from £8. In plastic pots from £3


Echeveria Setosa in a pretty china pot. Indoors for the winter. £10


A lovely house plant - Peperomia Ferreyrae - Happy Bean in a china rose bud decorated pot. £10


A bonsai planter with succulents and polka dot plant £20


3 plant pot holders from the same series. Large ones are 9.5" across 8 tall. Good condition. £10


A very large vintage glass light shade with a flush bottom as shown - no chips. Circumference 94cm, 37" and hole size 11cm, 4.5" £15


Wooden steps ideal for display in the garden or house just need a clean up. 48cm at the widest point 133 tall £30


A lovely decorative antique foot warmer by Denby Bourne. In very good condition with the original stopper 23cm long. £20


A heavy iron cobblers last ideal as a doorstop, bookend or just ornamental inside or out £10


Large vintage step ladder in good condition just needs cleaning. Structurally sound 68" tall 20" at the widest point. Very sturdy. £30


This Victorian barrel is in very good condition apart from a small chip to the top which can be seen in the photo. Made by C & J R Price of Bristol it is probably around 110 years old. It is 40cm tall and could be used in any number of ways in addition to an attractive piece of kitchenalia. Plant stand, with a nice tray on top as a table or bird feeder? £25


A very old pail which has been enamelled. It has side handles which is quite unusual. It has been lettered on one side, not water tight. 32cm across 26 high. £20


Vintage aluminim 1 gallon jug with original bakelite handles. 18cm 7" across the top. Lots of uses - planter, kitchen utensils, a big bunch of flowers. £10


10 x 3ft long vintage bamboo drain rods with brass ends, worm screw and plunger. Polished up would make a lovely barn feature. £15


A deep blue bonsai planter with Aeonium variegata, Polka dot plant and Crassula sarmentosa variegate. The pot is 29cm long £15


A vintage hessian/burlap sack used for transporting peanuts from Argentina. These sacks are used for all sort of applications from cushion covers to wall hangings. 76cm long 48 wide £10


A large vintage enamel bread bin in good vintage condition. Very collectable and a great display item for any home. 33cm wide 27 deep 29 high without handle. £28


2 vintage salt glazed pottery jugs in good condition apart from a slight chip to the rim of the larger one as shown. Very unusual, detailed decoration to the base of the handles. They are 17 and 23 cm tall. Lovely decorative or useful items in the kitchen £22


Really pretty and collectible herb and spice jars by Gloria Vanderbilt Concepts inc. Fine Japanese Porcelain. 3 1/4 " tall with lid and seal. All in very good condition. £4 each, 3 for £10 The ones shown in the photo are the only ones available


A very strong wooden ammunition style box with carry handles and latch closing. Probably around 1960's and used by the Fabrex company of Sheffield to transport their 8" sawbench. Many uses from planter to industrial type storage or shabby chic household item. 21" long 15 wide and 10 high. One has been drilled for use as a planter. £22 each £60 for all 3


A brass covered wooden magazine/newspaper holder dating to the 1950's 14.5"across 11high. £12