Large hole pots

12 terracotta plant pots, some with extra large drainage holes. Largest 17cm across 12 high £12


A large glazed plant pot in good condition. 41cm across 34 tall £28


This large terracotta planter had a fine hairline crack, it has been sealed with Milliput which is rock hard so will not cause a problem 41cm across 20 tall £18


A stone planter in the form of a barrel 31cm across 23 tall in good conditon just a small chip to the top which can be seen in the photo. £25


Large stone barrel shape planter in good condition. 43cm across 33 tall £35


In good vintage condition, 9 terracotta plant pot similar in size. Largest 9cm across 9 tall £10


8 straight sided terracotta pots which are popular with auricula growers in good vintage condition. Largest 9cm across 10 tall £15


A thick walled terracotta plant pot which is 31cm across 16 tall in good condition £15


A pair of light coloured terracotta matching plant pots 25cm across 26 high £28


An aged terracotta plant pot in the form of an urn with side drainage. Lovely piece. 27cm across 30 high £30


A very strong large hand made terracotta plant pot 39cm across 33 high. In good condition £30


This is a thick walled large pot with a bit of nibbling around the top 45cm across 39 high £28


An unusually large bowl shape hand thrown terracotta planter in good condition. 45cm across 17 high £30


This is an unusual plant pot and quite heavy 26cm10" across the top 21 cm8.5" high. In very good condition £28


Create an unusual garden feature with these vintage terracotta land drains or a hiding place for small creatures. Plant up or drop a plant pot in the top to keep safe from slugs. 4.5" across More available and in good vintage condition £12