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3 pots

3 good size terracotta plant pots 26cm across 23 tall. £12

9 pots

Collection of 9 terracotta plant pots. Largest is 31cm across 26 tall. £15


2 pretty toning aqua coloured plant pots. Patterned one is 25cm across 23 tall. £18

Salt glaze pot

A large salt glaze plant pot 38cm across 32 tall. £20

5 blue

5 blue glazed plant pots, the pale blue one is 28cm across 21 tall. £58

9 pots

All in good vintage condition. 9 hand thrown terracotta plant pots. Largest 13cm x 13. #vintagepots £15

vintage pots

A collection of 5 hand thrown terracotta plant pots in good vintage condition. Largest is 20cm across 18 tall. #vintagepots £20

dragon 2

A very large hand thrown vintage Chinese dragon plant pot. In very good condition, just a slight chip to the rim as shown. 50 cm across 38 tall. #dragonpot £65

6 terra

6 terracotta plant pots, 2 are for hanging on a wall. The wall pots are 18cm across 15 tall. All in good condition. £18

2 earth

2 toning plant pots in earth colours. The large one is 31cm across 22 tall. £15


An unusual and highly decorative hand thrown terracotta plant pot in very good condition. 23cm across 18 tall. £15 #terracottapot

4 pots

4 colour toning similar size glazed plant pots the largest is 30cm across 22 tall. All in good condition. £28

tall brown

A tall brown glazed plant pot in good condition. 29cm across 31 tall. £20


2 textured finish similar size plant pots. 27cm across 22 tall. £18

Beige tall

A tall glazed plant pot in very good condition. 36cm across 34 tall. £25

3 blue

3 toning blue glazed plant pots in good condition. The bottom one is23cm across 18 tall. £18

4 potd

Pretty wall planter, shallow planter 28cm across 12 tall, and 2 vintage pots. All in good condition. #terracottapots £25

African pot

A very large African clay pot in good condition. 40cm tall. £40


Large galvanised tub planter. 36cm across 27 tall. £25 #galvanisedtub


A tall terracotta plant pot which has had a hairline crack repaired with terracotta cement. 25cm across 28 tall. £10


A grey plant pot with a textured finish. 26cm across 21 tall. #plantpot £12


Unusual pretty flower decorated pal aqua plant pot. 25cm across 22 tall. £12


Semi - glazed terracotta pots in blue and green. Good condition 32cm across 29 tall. £18


A weathered concrete plant pot in good condition. 27cm across 22 tall. £12

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