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A collection of 9 terracotta plant pots with a thick double top rim. Largest 15cm across 13 tall all in good condition. £15

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These shallow terracotta pans which measure 14cm across 7 tall are ideal for succulents or other shallow rooted plants. As new condition #shallowterracottapot £12


10 plant pots all in good conditions, a variety of sizes, largest 14cm across 13 tall #terracottapots £12


8 terracotta plant pots in good condition. Largest 17cm across 16 tall £10


vintagegardenandhome A very large, heavy dark green glazed plant pot 39cm across 32 tall in very good condition. #glazedplantpot £22


Terracotta plant pot in very good condition 22cm across 27 tall £10


In very good condition a dark green glazed terracotta plant pot 32cm across 31 tall. £25


In very good condition and clearly marked Sankey Bulwell 10" and 7.5" across. £15


A vintage hand made terracotta pot with unusual top planting holes. 23cm across 18 tall Good condition #terracottaplantpot £10


This is a glazed terracotta pot with unusually thick walls. Good condition. 25cm across 24 tall £12


The urn which is dated 1997 has a chip and this if reflected in the price, it is 18cm across 20 tall. The small pot is hand thrown #terracottapots £15


A really unusual pretty hand made vintage terracotta plant pot in good condition. 28cm across 20 tall #vintageterracottapot #handmadeterracottapot £15


These large wide pans with drainage holes are ideal for succulents. Largest one is 41cm across smaller one 29cm across £10


2 matching terracotta planters one has a bit of scaling on the inside but otherwise sound. 26cm across 23 tall. #terracottapots £18


A really cute planter decorated all around with toadstools. Good condition 23cm across 14 tall £12


A very large weathered hand made terracotta plant pot. In very good condition no cracks or chips. 49cm across 35 tall #largeterracottapot £50


15 terracotta plant pots largest is 10cm across 10 tall £12


5 matching Sankey Bulwell vintage terracotta plant pots all in very good condition. 14cm across 13 tall #sankeybulwellpots #vintageterracottaplantpots £15


An olive green glazed plant pot 30cm across 26 tall in good condition £10


A very large, heavy dark green glazed plant pot 39cm across 32 tall in very good condtiion. £22


A pretty grey/green glazed plant pot in good condition 31cm across 25 tall £10


A collection of 14 similar terracotta plant pots 10cm x 10cm in good vintage condition #claypots#vintageterracottapots £22


A large, heavy weathered terracotta plant pot. A bit of nibbling to the rim as shown which is reflected in the price. Otherwise sound. 38cm across 30 tall £22


A heavy cylinder terracotta flower pot 15"/38cm x 15"/38cm In very good condition by Yorkshire Garden Pots £28


An interesting collection of pots. One has a pheasant design, one is vintage and has been painted. 2 with little raised feet for drainage. 1 bowl shape and some with extra large drainage holes. £12


11 terracotta plant pots and a pan which measures 9.5" across 6 tall in good condition £12


An unusual glazed shallow planter with extra large drainage holes making it suitable for orchids or succulents. 12" across 6 deep. No chips or cracks £12


A brown glazed plant pot in good condition. 11.5" across 10 tall £10