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Spring on the way get in the garden

There is now considerable research which supports the previously held theory that plants and gardening are beneficial to both physical and mental well-being. So many people have taken up gardening in lockdown and found huge benefits from being outside and getting creative. As we ease out of lockdown keep up the good work. No matter what size space you have available there is something you can get involved with and improve your life style.

WINDOW SILL Not only for house plants, try growing mustard and cress on damp kitchen paper, ideal for egg sandwiches. Over the last couple of years succulents have become the ‘must have’ plants, I have quite a few planted containers on the website . Warning, they can become addictive.

COURTYARD Growing in pots is ideal for this situation but you do not need to limit containers just to plant pots. If you have a sunny spot you can grow herbs in vintage enamel bowls, galvanised containers and invasive mint in an old watering can with holes punched in it. As the weather warms up a bit you will be able to see these on the website.

Consider growing vertically by using an old step ladder for your pots.

GARDEN It is so satisfying eating your own produce and also very healthy as you control exactly what it is grown in and what is put on it. If you don’t already have a vegetable patch look into ways that you could create one or consider growing lettuces, for example, in your flower borders, some have very attractive leaves. Think about creating a seating area in which to admire your GREENSPACE and provide a bird feeding station (up high so that it cannot be reached by cats) A pond, even a small one, is beneficial to wildlife and it is very relaxing watching fish swimming around. You can also grow some really nice pond plants.

Don’t wait until the warmer months though wrap up warm and get outside now to review and think about your space and get some fresh air.

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